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Joseph Gilbert


Joseph Gilbert, Ph.D.

Joe has been consulting on ERP software implementations since his retirement from Rohm and Haas Company in 2004. During his career he held a variety of technical management positions in both R&D and Corporate IT. He also spent 9 years as head of the Supply Chain Center and was the internal consultant to the Chemical Specialties businesses for their MRP II Class A project. Joe completed his career as IT and Benefits Director for their highly successful $300 MM global SAP ERP implementation that finished on schedule and under budget.

He has consulted in the bio-technology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. He provided support to one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in their development of a global end-to-end ERP master design. He developed content and led a global 3 day conference on the subject - Delivering ERP Benefits. He has lectured on ERP and Class A MRP II at a Michael Hammer re-engineering conference.

Joe supports Politte, Quilty and Associates in helping organizations implement global, best practice ERP software tools and business processes.

Joe has a BS in Chemistry from LaSalle University and MS and PhD degrees in Computational Chemistry from Drexel University.



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