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Nigel Southway


Nigel Southway

After a career as Engineering Manager and Change Agent during the genesis of 6 Sigma at Motorola in the mid 80’s, Nigel co-authored the definitive textbook on the concept and implementation of business cycle time reduction; Cycle Time Management - the Fast Track to Time-Based Productivity Improvement*; one of the advanced thought-wares into what later developed into the more commercial LEAN thinking concepts and application.

He has a proven track record and global recognition as Business Leader, Manufacturing Engineer, Manager, Consultant, Educator, Facilitator, Coach and Project Manager. He has held a broad range of positions in Industry and possesses a unique facilitation style that is highly effective in making change happen. He has in-depth expertise in LEAN, 6 SIGMA, MRP II, DFM, NPI, Technology Transfers, Joint Ventures and Plant Design.

Nigel’s consulting and management experience is global and spans a wide range of industries - Automotive, Aerospace, Avionics, Electronics, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products and Appliances, Steel, Mining and a variety of Service Industries. He has served clients in Canada, USA, Asia and Europe. Some of his more prominent clients include; J.M. Schneider Inc, Procter and Gamble, Morton Metalcraft, Inter-City Products, FABCO, Thompson Pipe & Steel, ECCO, A 0 Smith, Ever-Ready Battery, Grote Industries, NBS, Royal Canadian Mint, BFL, Inland Steel, British Airways, BTR, Baxter, Ciba Corning, Citibank, Royal Ford, GE MARCONI, NOMA, Tectrol, Tiercon, ACS and Imperial Rubber.

Nigel holds British degrees in both Engineering and Management Science in addition to a Masters Degree in Management Studies from Bristol University. He is a member of the British Institute of Management and a Board Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Nigel has joined Politte, Quilty & Associates in a partnership vision to deliver clients a total business solution in attacking waste, capturing productivity improvements, increasing profits and being competitive while delivering world class levels of customer service.

* Copyright - 1993 by Cycle Time Management, Inc. Library of Congress, ISBN 1-56327-015-3



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